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Meet Right Trailers Motorsports’ 10-Year-Old Drag Racing Phenom, Kylie Mocny

Young driver on track to make history while building her legacy with 18 wins in three months

Story courtesy of Right Trailers Motorsports

At just 10 years old, Kylie "Money Bags" Mocny, who is a third generation drag racer, is making waves in the world of Jr. drag racing and has been proudly sponsored by Right Trailers for the past two years. Hailing from Venice, Fla., Mocny has demonstrated remarkable skill and determination on the track, capturing a double win this past weekend at Gainesville Raceway.


Since her debut in May 2020, Mocny has swiftly risen through the points standings by clinching an impressive 18 victories in only three months (March – June) across racetracks such as Orlando Speed World Dragway, Gainesville Raceway, Bradenton Motorsports Park, and even at Texas Motorsports Park for the Right Trailers NHRA Western Conference Finals presented by CAPCO Contractors events. She is currently leading in points at the three Florida tracks mentioned. Her racing prowess extends beyond wins, with two runner-up finishes highlighting her consistency and competitive spirit.

"I started racing because all of my family was racing, and I wanted to try it too," shared Mocny. "At first I was scared to drive but wanted to try and with the support of my family and Right Trailers, I found a true passion for racing. Now, I want to inspire other kids, especially girls, to overcome their fears and discover the fun of drag racing."


Mocny’s parents, drag racers, Danielle and Mike, mentioned they eased her into the sport to make sure she truly wanted to take up racing. "I was so proud and nervous seeing my child go down the track - a true mom moment, but truly excited knowing that she loves racing," said mom Danielle.

Mocny’s journey with Right Trailers began when they opened sponsorship opportunities to Jr. racers two years ago and promoted through social media. “I love being on team Right Trailers because it has introduced me to so many friends. I get to hang out with Rilee [daughter of Michael Scott, president of Right Trailers] a lot. She has inspired me to have fun and take racing seriously while representing girls on the track,” said Mocny.

“Kylie has been having an incredible season. We are happy to have her on Team Right Trailers and to be cheering her on as she continues to grow and progress while having much success in Jr. drag racing,” said Scott.


Danielle mentioned that “once Kylie was in the finals with another Right Trailers racer who she didn’t know but instantly she felt like she was racing a friend because being on the Right Trailers team is like a family and everyone is really nice and rooting for each other. Being part of a team gives you more to compete for instead of just racing for yourself. The camaraderie is extraordinary.”


Reflecting on her favorite tracks, Mocny holds Gainesville Raceway and Bradenton Motorsports Park dear, where she has experienced some of her most memorable races. One standout moment includes her first race where she reached the final against her big brother (13 years old) in a thrilling matchup. "I've beat him once and I want to again someday," said Mocny. "The only time we will get to race again is an all-run or both in 7.90 class, so maybe soon!"


Recently, Mocny celebrated a special victory alongside her family, as her mother, Danielle, and her grandfather, Roy Hagadorn, also claimed wins on the same day, marking Mocny’s first "mommy-daughter" victory and highlighting their multi-generational racing success.

Mocny’s achievements are a testament to her family's racing legacy, with her grandparents, Candy and Roy Hagadorn, and parents deeply involved in the sport. Mocny’s parents expressed pride in their competitive family spirit and Mocny’s rapid progression in the sport. Beyond racing, Mocny enjoys gymnastics, storytelling, and arts and crafts. This past weekend, she had another family winning celebration, as she won her class and her brother, Tanner, won his at Gainesville Raceway.


For Mocny, racing isn't just a passion—it's a legacy in the making. As she continues to chase her dreams on the track, supported by Right Trailers, her journey promises more exhilarating victories and inspiring moments ahead.

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