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Deadline Schedule
January/February 2019 (Misc. News):
Nov. 19

Jr. Dragster is always looking for cool kids to feature and news to include in each issue, so if you have an interesting story to tell about yourself or have big news to share with your friends in the NHRA Summit Racing Jr. Drag Racing League, tell us about it, and you could be featured in an upcoming issue!

To submit your story and/or photos, email us at
(Note: If you will be submitting a photo electronically, please read the Electronic Photo Requirements below carefully to ensure we can use your photos.)

Need help getting started? Try one of these regular features:

Top Performer: Have you had a string of really great races, or did you have a particularly good weekend at the track? JD recognizes those who have excelled in recent competition with our Top Performer program. Click here for details.

All About Me: The name says it all. Tell us all about yourself: how long you have been racing, what kind of car you drive, your racing accomplishments, your other hobbies, your hero, your favorite NHRA drivers, and anything else you want to share. Include a photo of yourself.

The Name Game: How did you come up with the name on the side of your Jr. Dragster? Don’t forget to include a photo of your car (and you, too, if you’d like).

My Brush With Greatness: Did you meet your favorite NHRA driver or someone else famous? Send in the story of your meeting with a photo.

The Other Me: Did you hit the game-winning run for your Little League team? Tell us about it. Send the news of your off-track accomplishments, and don’t forget to include a photo of yourself.


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