Infinity Coach Jr. Championship Series update
July 26, 2017

Four weekends in the new Division 6 Infinity Coach Jr. Championship Series have been completed, Woodburn Dragstrip, Bremerton Raceway, Castrol Raceway, and Mission Raceway. Following are photo highlights from those initial events.

Woodburn, Ore. (May 20-21)
Jayden Bigsby
Jayden Bigsby took home top honors in the Thunder class on Saturday, defeating Duncan Gray in the final.

Woodburn Saturday Lightning final
Emily Girard, near lane, outlasted Cooper Chun to claim the Lightning trophy on Saturday.

Woodburn Sunday Thunder final
Kyler Skjonsberg, near lane, was Sunday’s Thunder champion after getting the better of Duncan Gray in the final round.

Woodburn Sunday Lightning final
Shawn Crawford, near lane, denied Emily Girard a clean sweep of the Lightning class for the weekend, stopping the Saturday winner in Sunday’s title round.

Bremerton, Wash. (June 17-18)
Kyler Skjonsberg
Kyler Skjonsberg picked up his second series victory when he outlasted Ethan Tucker to claim Saturday’s Thunder Wally.

Bremerton Saturday Lightning final
Selena Lenihan, near lane, defeated Kaden Bean in Saturday’s Lightning final round.

Bremerton Sunday Thunder final
Anastazja Gossette, near lane, won Sunday’s Thunder title, besting Jaslyn Bean in the title round.

Bremerton Sunday Lightning final
Ian Theofelis, far lane, stopped Hunter Jackson in the Lightning final on Sunday.

Edmonton, Alta. (July 15-16)
Edmonton Thunder final
Karson Connelly, near lane, turned a reaction-time advantage of more than six-hundredths into an 8.98 (8.93 dial) to 9.02 (8.94) victory over Hannah Robinson in the Thunder final.

Edmonton Lightning final
Ryan O’Connor, far lane, took home top honors in the Lightning class, getting the automatic nod when Kaelie Morton red-lighted in the final. O’Connor ran right on his 7.96 dial on his victory pass.

Mission, B.C. (July 22-23)
Mission Saturday Thunder final
Sydney Jung, far lane, was Saturday’s Thunder champion, outlasting Kyler Skjonsberg for the title.

Mission Saturday Lightning final
Josh Schmanke, near lane, defeated Zachary Gaetz to earn Saturday’s Lightning trophy.

Mission Sunday Thunder final
Cole Dickhoff, far lane, bested Nick Bond in Sunday’s Thunder final.

Mission Sunday Lightning final
Emily Girard, far lane, picked up her second win in the series, stopping Zachary Gaetz to take home Sunday’s Lightning trophy.