Champions Crowned at Division 6 Jr. Championships
Sept. 18, 2023

Photos by Robert Grice and Sharon Reach

Ezra Taylor (Jr. Thunder), Lexi Winterbottom (Jr. Lightning), Jed Biscay (Jr. Street), Zach Meinert (Jr. Thunder Race of Champions), Makenna White (Jr. Lightning Race of Champions), and Paxton Squire (Jr. Street Race of Champions) took home Wallys during the 2023 Division 6 Jr. Championships event at Woodburn Dragstrip.

Taylor, far lane, got the automatic nod in the Jr. Thunder title round when Bob Henrie red-lighted by .001-second. Taylor celebrated with a 12.170 (12.19) victory pass.

Winterbottom, far lane, got off the starting line first in the Jr. Lighting final and turned the advantage into an 8.030 (8.00 dial) to 7.912 (7.90) win against Braxton Bann.

Biscay, near lane, ran closer to his dial to win the double-breakout Jr. Street final against Squire, 9.816 (9.85) to 9.810 (9.92).

Meinert, near lane, won a close Jr. Thunder Race of Champions final round against Peyton Huber, 8.965 to 8.963.

White, near lane, earned the Jr. Lighting Race of Champions trophy when Duncan Gray red-lighted in the final. White posted a 7.972 en route to victory.

Squire, far lane, got the reaction-time advantage in the Jr. Street Race of Champions title round and turned it into a 9.806 to 9.085 win against Cody Mackey.