Hegwood's Saturday double among highlights of Fallon, Nev., Division 7 Series doubleheader
June 13, 2017

Points leaders after
6 of 10 events
6-9: Jacelyn Gonzaga
10-12: Macie Gordon
13-14: Braiden Chesleign
15-17: Cade Poe
Jr. Comp: AJ Thomas
Complete standings

Derrick Hegwood put together a perfect Saturday, winning both the 15-17 age group and Jr. Comp titles, during the Pacific Division Jr. Championship Series event at Top Gun Dragstrip in Fallon, Nev. Jacelyn Gonzaga continued her strong season in the 6-9 age group, picking up her fourth win in six events in 2017. The doubleheader weekend was also kind to the Gordon family with sisters Madison and Macie both picking up wins. Madison won Saturday's 13-14 title, and Macie was Sunday's 10-12 winner. Other weekend winners were Peter Kaiser (Saturday 10-12), Jacob Taylor (Sunday 6-9), Braiden Chesleigh (Sunday 13-14), Brianna Wiens (Sunday 15-17), and AJ Thomas (Sunday Jr. Comp).

Final-round results from the Division 7 Jr. Championship Series event at
Top Gun Dragstrip in Fallon, Nev.:

Saturday, June 3
Driver Hometown Reaction E.T.
W: Jacelyn Gonzaga Porter Ranch, Calif.  .081 12.265
Aiden Adams Kneeland, Calif.  .206 12.156
W: Peter Kaiser Pleasant Hill, Calif.  .013 9.032
Cy Mitchell Thousand Oaks, Calif.  .101 9.138
W: Madison Gordon Paso Robles, Calif.  .081 7.922
Sydney Kopping Placerville, Calif.  .079 8.275
W: Derrick Hegwood Tustin, Calif.  .063 8.043
Savannah Coates Tustin, Calif.  .073 8.068
Jr. Comp
W: Derrick Hegwood Tustin, Calif.  .060 6.913
Dylan Oliveira Cypress, Calif.  .057 6.878

Photos by Bob Johnson

Fallon Saturday 6-9 final
Jacelyn Gonzaga, near lane, defeated Aidan Adams in the 6-9 final

Peter Kaiser in the winner's circle
Peter Kaiser took home the Wally in the 10-12 age group after besting Cy Mitchell in the title round.

Fallon Saturday 13-14 final round
Madison Gordon, far lane, stopped Sydney Kopping in the 13-14 class final.

Fallon Saturday 15-17 final
Derrick Hegwood, far lane, picked up the first of two trophies for the day when he got the better of Savannah Coates in the 15-17 title round.

Fallon Saturday Jr. Comp final
Derrick Hegwood, far lane, completed his perfect Saturday with a final-round victory against Dylan Oliveria in Jr. Comp.


Sunday, June 4
Driver Hometown Reaction E.T.
W: Jacob Taylor Las Vegas, Nev.  .215 12.378
Carlie Ball Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.  .081 11.878
W: Macie Gordon Paso Robles, Calif.  .055 8.898
Emersyn Rose Pires Madera, Calif.  .005 8.871
W: Braiden Chesleigh La Verne, Calif.  .025 7.926
Taylor Lee Taylor Las Vegas, Nev. -.007 8.069
W: Brianna Wiens Las Vegas, Nev.  .076 7.926
Savannah Coates Tustin, Calif.  .059 8.133
Jr. Comp
W: AJ Thomas Chowchilla, Calif.  .010 6.923
Colton Rainey Wilton, Calif.  .073 6.872

Photos by Bob Johnson

Fallon Sunday 6-9 final
Jacob Taylor, near lane, drove around Carlie Ball to win the 6-9 final.

Fallon Sunday 10-12 final
Macie Gordon, far lane, joined sister Madison as a weekend winner when she stopped Emersyn Rose Pires in the 10-12 final.

Fallon Sunday 13-14 final
Braiden Chesleigh, near lane, got the automatic nod in the 13-14 title round when Taylor Lee Taylor went red.

Fallon Sunday 15-17 final
Brianna Wiens, near lane, defeated Savannah Coates in the 15-17 final.

Fallon Sunday Jr. Comp final
AJ Thomas, far lane, added another Jr. Comp trophy to his collection when he bested Colton Rainey in that class' title round.