Friday, May 22, 2015

Conference Finals Participants Must Compete at NHRA Tracks

Racers attending the NHRA Jr. Drag Racing League Western and Eastern Conference Finals should be prepared to show proof that they have actually run at the track whose team they represent. For the vast majority of racers, almost all in fact, this will not be an issue, as nothing will change.


As an example, if a driver is running on one of the teams from XYZ Dragway, they should have some way of showing proof that they actually ran at XYZ Dragway. That could be in the form of a dated time slip with the racerís car number and XYZ Dragway imprinted on it.


The NHRA Summit Racing Jr. Drag Racing League is part of a package of programs that NHRA offers to its member tracks. And, as part of the NHRA JDRL, the Conference Finals events have become the grandest, most prestigious Jr. drag racing events in the entire country. The JDRL package is one reason a trackís management would want to align themselves with NHRA. The idea of such programs is to drive racers to our member tracks as customers.


Allowing racers to represent tracks at which they donít actually compete tears at the very fabric of the program and is not fair to the tracks that are part of our member track family. And to allow racers who go all year without running at NHRA member tracks the opportunity to share in the Conference Finals events is not fair to the hundreds of racers and families who do patronize NHRA tracks.


Therefore, at the Conference Finals, all racers should be prepared to show proof of recent competition at the track for which they are running.

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